We are Nature

"Creating a collection means striking a balance between elegance, impact, and current trends. And that's exactly what the Greenlam design team has done with the latest collection - the Greenlam Edition 2024-2026.

Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic and healing aspects of nature, we've infused this collection with the same essence.

Enjoy our latest creation for Greenlam!”

Mr. Didier Galerne
International Design Consultant

6 Trends

We have identified 6 trends that has or will take on the interior world. And with that, we have also chosen to include the colours that would speak of these trends and answer to your design needs.

Cosy Elegance

An intensely arresting sanctuary outfitted with rich materials – theatrical marbles and walnut woods, curvaceous lines, and eclectic details in gold and brass – is at once romantic, ripe for intimacy and unabashedly opulent.

Shelter Chic

New neutrals in simple, calm finishes offer soulful affection and precious quiet time, be they grey marbles, simple woods or reassuring fabrics. These muted colours, when artfully combined, lend depth and character to a room.

Cool Minimalism

A blend of discipline and design brings to mind living in a well-edited space with touches of neutral materials, textures and motifs at perfect play with space and proportions, centering around the theme of simplicity.

Vibrant '80s

Colour, materials and shapes come together in a vibrant eclecticism. The look is reminiscent of enduring experimental charm, where unexpected textures and shades convey extraordinary experiences, all perfectly balanced.

Light Memory

Drawing on nostalgia as a source of unbridled creativity in subtlety, delicate wood shades add tactile and visual appeal. Heavy motifs are sometimes present but always, the glow cast is invariably ethereal, recreating emotional connections.

Grey Moods

The introspective hues are being lauded for their potential to achieve a beguiling incandescence, emanate Zen polish and offer havens of tranquility. A play with greys also uncovers an appreciation of the role they can play in a busy space.

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2 brand new textures, designed to elevate your interiors and add a touch of personality to your space.
Why Greenlam
Fire Retardant
NSF Certification
Environmental Credentials
Anti-Virus and Anti-Bacterial Protection
No Compromises on Quality
Anti-Virus and Anti-Bacterial Protection

Greenlam Laminates are treated with high-efficacy, anti-microbial agents, retarding and eliminating up to 99.9% of commonly found bacteria and viruses, including SARS-Cov-2, which causes Covid-19.

Fire Retardant

Greenlam laminates have been tested to achieve optimal fire-propagation reduction and surface spread-of-flame performance.

NSF Certification

Greenlam laminates are certified according to the NSF food safety and environmental health standards and are harmless upon direct contact with food.

Environmental Credentials

We are proud to exceed the industry benchmark in the area of green certification. In particular, rigorous tests have shown that Greenlam laminates emit minimal levels of VOCs.

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Greenlam Edition 2024-26
Whether you're looking for a classic wood finish or a bold modern design, Greenlam has something for everyone